Bullit Cargo Bike: Sporty And Stylish Utility Bicycles

Got a heavy load to transport, but still insist on pushing pedals?  Your persistence is admirable and should be rewarded with a Bullit Bike, an extra-long cargo bicycle with spiffy good looks that won't cramp your style.

Sporty looks and outstanding utility rarely manage to come together, especially in the world of mechanical rides.  That's why these long-wheelbase units from Larry vs Harry offer a tremendous upside to your daily errands, whether that involves delivering large packages or giving your mate a ride to the subway when his car breaks down (not sure if that's legal in your area, though).

The Bullit is available in thirteen different versions, all built off the same stretched frame, with differences mostly in brake, gear and color configurations.  Each one sports hardened aluminum tubing (which helps keep the bike just a few kilos heavier than regular two-wheelers), stainless steel discs, puncture-proof Schwalbe tires and double-bound aluminum rims.   Models include the Bullit Classic (which comes with a hydraulic front brake and 7-speed SRAM Truvativ crankshaft), the Clockwork (pictured above, with an 8-gear Shimano Alfine hub and Shimano Alfine hydraulic brakes) and the Milk Plus (same system as the Clockwork, with a milky white color and a Chuck Berry likeness on the frame).

Measuring the same width as a regular bike, it shouldn't pose much problems for regular cyclists.  In fact, the front dock seems much easier to handle than other cargo bikes, which chooses to outfit the load behind you - not the most confidence-inspiring design by a large measure.

The Larry vs Harry Bullit Bike seems available strictly in Europe for now.  Price starts at €1800 ($2,570).  Now, I'd like to see someone do freestyle on this thing.

[Bullit Bike via Bike Hugger]