Canchucks Kit Turns Your Beer Cans Into Ninja Weapons

Emptied beer (and romulan ale) cans don't necessarily make for the classiest decorations.  If you must insist on showing off previously downed memento of your favorite booze, these Canchucks should help offer some variations in how you can display them.

Based out of Georgia, the company sells kits that let you turn a pair of aluminum beverage cans into decorative nunchucks.  That way, you don't need to line up empty cans across a shelf when you want to display the collection of imported beers you pissed away throughout the year -- you can hang them off a hook or drape them around your neck, too.

Each Canchucks kit include most of the "necessary hardware" to turn two ordinary cans into a pair of nunchuks.  They don't detail exactly what those items are, but it should include a link chain, a pair of screw hooks and… umm… I'm not really sure what else.    To complete, you'll need your own expansion foam (you're supposed to fill the cans with them, so they maintain shape), masking tape, needle nose pliers and screwdriver.

The nunchuk cans aren't meant to be used as weapons, which is why they recommend foam for filling.  Of course, you can always fill that up with a load of cement if you want to wreak havoc with your newly-constructed drunken ninja weapon.

Kits are available directly from the Canchucks website, priced at $20.  Written instructions are included with the kit, with videos available to buyers right from their website.