Clever Kebab Cuts Down Prep Time For Your Skewers


Preparing kebabs is simple enough. Just slice your of meats, vegetables, or fruits, place them on a skewer, and you’re set. The Clever Kebab, though, wants to make it even simpler and faster.

While it looks nothing more than a simple box with multiple cutouts, it’s a brilliantly-designed tool for making kebab preparation easier than ever. Sure, it’s not likely to work best for every kind of kebab (e.g. if you use shrimps and similarly small items, for instance, probably best to do it the traditional way), but for many situations, it should prove to be a serious time-saver.


The Clever Kebab consists of eight panels that can be slotted together to form a vertically-oriented box. To use, you first assemble the body and the base, leaving the top open. From there, you begin layering all the ingredients you want to use, stacking them inside the box in any order you want. Once done, you place the lid and insert the skewers on the designated slots in the lid, pushing them all the way down. Using the cutouts along the body as guide, you then take a knife to slice the assembly inside and you’re done. Just detach the lid and pull out the skewers, each of which should now be ready for cooking.


Able to make up to 16 skewers in one go, the tool cuts down an erstwhile time-consuming process to just a few minutes. It even comes with a citrus juicer that you can place on top of the lid, so you can dress your kebabs in fresh juices to liven up the taste.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Clever Kebab. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $50.

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