James De Wulf Concrete Pool Table For The Outdoors

When you’re rich, even the most ludicrous wishes can be met. Want an aquarium that looks like a flatscreen TV?  Not a problem.  How about first-run movies without leaving the house?  Yep, that too.  If you’ve ever wanted to play a game of 9-ball pool while out in the backyard, that can also be accommodated with the James De Wulf Pool Table.

The latest creation from James De Wulf, it’s a regulation table with a body made out of concrete and all other parts done up using water-repellant materials.  That way, you don’t even have to worry about covering it up when you get back inside — the rain can fall down all it wants and you can still do your trick shots come tomorrow.  And since it’s concrete, the entire thing should be as heavy as a large patch of wall on your house, so there’s little chance a tag team of burglars will be able to lift it out (they’ll likely need some serious equipment to even get it over the fence).

The James De Wulf Pool Table uses concrete hardened up around a rusted steel frame with a body measuring 102 x 58 x 32 inches.  It’s offered in two models — one for indoor use (with standard materials for the pockets, felt and cues) and one for outdoor use (with rubber pockets, outdoor felt and four graphite cues).  It comes in a natural light gray concrete finish, which should make it one of the more amusing pool tables you can pick up.

Pricing for the James De Wulf Pool Table starts at $16,000.

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