Covert Cooler Lets You Sneak Cheap Beer Into That Expensive Golf Club

Beer goes well with everything, so it’s no surprise to find it as a favorite in your local golf course too. Only problem is, the greedy bunch running it have decided to post a large sign up front: “All Beverages Must Be Purchased From The Clubhouse.” Buying overpriced beer is all fine and dandy if you ain’t a cash-strapped hipster looking for a little R&R, so your best recourse is to sneak nine cans of brewskies in (one for every other hole) with a Covert Cooler Beer Can Hider.

Hiding a cooler sized to fit nine 12-ouncers may sound like a tussle with golf club security waiting to happen, but the bag cleverly accomplishes its surreptitious aims. How? It’s actually clad as a shoe bag meant to discreetly sit inside a regular golf bag’s shoe compartment, allowing you to haul it a full 18 holes without arousing any suspicion.

The Covert Cooler measures 16 x 8 x 4 inches and, just so nobody gets any wrong ideas, has the words SHOE BAG emblazoned in big, bold font. You can also opt for just a blank bag or have it printed with other designs, in case you prefer your accessories with a picture of Tiger Woods to inspire your future debauchery. To make sure it looks like a real shoe bag, it comes with a carrying handle and a shoulder strap.

A soft-sided cooler, it has insulated lining to keep the beer cold, all while it sits chilling in a pool of ice for hours. Don’t worry about getting the rest of your stuff wet – the liner is completely waterproof too. Even better, it has zippered closures that run parallel to the zipper of your golf bag’s shoe compartment, allowing you to never have to take it out to grab yourself a drink. Just reach down ever so slyly and out comes refreshment.

Why pay ridiculous golf course prices for cheap beer when you can enjoy the same with a Covert Cooler Beer Can Hider? Price is $19.95 for units with no print and $24.95 for the one with SHOE BAG on the side.

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