Dreamfarm Spadle Is A Cooking Spoon That’s A Ladle That’s Kind Of A Spatula, Too


No, a transforming cooking spoon and soup ladle won’t change your life in the kitchen. However, the Dreamfarm Spadle’s handy mix of talents can sure make cooking with as few utensils as possible a reality within your reach.

Unlike regular utensils, this newfangled tool comes with a handle that’s adjustable to two positions. As such, it can sit straight in line with the scoop like a regular cooking spoon (complete with a built-in spoon rest), as well as take on a dipping position like a proper soup ladle for easily adjusting depending on what you’re cooking.


We know, you can use a regular spoon to stir a pot of soup, too. However, the Dreamfarm Spade comes with a scoop that’s flat on the front, allowing you to use it to scrape food items on the pan, much like a spatula. That means, you can use the ladle to stir the meat and vegetable you have stewing, while using the straight spoon to stir the fried rice or risotto you’ve got cooking on the other burner. Yes, doing that increases the chances you’ll end up mixing flavors together. Then, again, they’re likely to the end up on the same plate at some point during dinner anyway, so you’re, basically, just hastening the process. Or something.


Since they’ve already made a kitchen multi-tool out of an erstwhile simple cooking spoon, they also turned the scoop into a handy measuring cup (complete with line markings) to make adding ingredients on the fly easy. It measures 13.2 x 3.1 inches, with nylon and silicone construction.

The Dreamfarm Spadle is priced at $19.95.

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