Drink N’ Stick Lets You Dress Up An Illustrated Pin-Up Model While You Get Drunk


Like to get drunk and play with dress up dolls?  Then you’ll love the Drink N’ Stick, a still wine that comes with a built-in dress-the-pinup-model game.

Described as “wine with a wardrobe,”  the bottle’s label features a 50s-style pinup model clad in scanty undergarments.  A sheet of plastic is wrapped around the container, bearing a number of peel-out clothing designs that you can put over the illustrated vixen.


Drink N’ Stick is produced by Some Young Punks out of Australia, with pin-up models and clothes specially commissioned from illustration artist Joe White.  Each bottle comes with 750ml of non-sparkling wine made with grapes consisting of 59% Matarro from Limestone Coast and 41% Shiraz from McLaren Vale.

Why you would want to cover up a half-naked woman, of course, is a whole other question entirely.  Unless you’re a girl.  Or a guy who likes to play with dress-up dolls.  At any rate, if you’re drinking alone, the customizable label lets you have something to play with (or ogle, if dressing up paper models strike you as weird) while you get soused.

Not sure how this thing tastes, but I doubt that’s really the selling point.  The Drink N’ Stick seems out of stock with most online retailers, though we’ve seen a few from Wine King for $17.50 a pop.

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