Getting Drunk? Wear This Drinking Jacket To Properly Dress The Part


If you’re going out with the sole intention of getting shit-faced drunk, it’s probably a good idea to wear an item of clothing designed precisely for those moments. And, yes, such a garment actually exists. It’s called the Drinking Jacket.

Just like the name suggests, it’s the kind of jacket you slip into when you’re going to spend the next several hours partaking in your favorite libations. Whether you’re knocking back drinks at the neighborhood bar, drinking up free suds at a beer party, or going to a tailgate at the local stadium, wearing this thing should make it a more satisfying affair.

The Drinking Jacket, now on its second version, looks like an erstwhile regular hooded jacket, slyly incorporating a whole load things designed to aid your goal of getting plastered for the night. You can, for instance, use the zipper pull as a bottle opener, with foldable, slip-resistant mitts that you can deploy to keep your drink from getting warm while you carry it in hand. There is, of course, a hidden flask pocket for sneaking in your own drinks (regular-sized flasks only, not that 1-Gallon Flask you have at home), along with a neoprene-lined chest pocket sized to secure a can of beer, while allowing it to stay chilled. It comes with a loop for holding your sunglasses (very useful when you’ve been drinking till sunrise), a reflective logo on the hood (so motorists can see you while you stumble across the road), and deep hand warmer pockets for hiding additional flasks.

Available now, the Drinking Jacket 2.0 is priced at $85.

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