Edible Bling Spray Turns Your Food Into Gold And Silver Treats

You wear your bling like a badge of honor.  Now, take the ostentatious luxury-mongering up a notch with the Edible Bling Spray, a spray-on food color that can turn your morning cereal into gold flakes and your sausages into giant silver bullets.  Midas would be proud.

One hundred percent tasteless, the coat gives your food the color of precious metals without altering its taste.  That way, your marshmallows continue to taste like lumps of sugar and your hotdogs retain their leftover meat deliciousness, all while looking like strangely-crafted jewelry scattered about your dining table.

We’re not sure what the Edible Bling Spray is made of, but it’s supposed to be harmless to humans, apart from adding no extra sensation to your taste buds.  It comes in aerosol cans, much like spray paints, and are designed to be used in a similar fashion.  Except you can feast on whatever you spray without having to worry about food poisoning.  Unless you eat my gold-coated cooking, of course.

The color should stick easily to most solid food items.  Glossy or waxy stuff  (like jello), however, will require several coats to successfully camouflage.   And, no, spraying the color on cardboard won’t make the cardboard edible – just in case you were wondering.

Each can of Edible Bling Spray contains 100ml of either gold or silver food paint.  Price is £24.99 (around $40).