Elecom Actrail Is A “Wireless” Headphone For The iPod Shuffle

Wireless headphones are nothing new, unless the wireless function works on a device that supports no wireless connectivity at all.  Huh?!?  That’s exactly what they did with the Elecom Actrail, a clever “wireless” headphone for the iPod Shuffle.

How does it create a connection when there’s no wireless protocol involved?  That’s the clever part.  Since the Shuffle is so small, they figured you can attach it to your headphones without adding much in terms of weight.  So, instead of having you run a cable to your Shuffle, they simply added a 3.5mm jack right next to one of the cans, which also doubles as a mount for the diminutive music player.  Boom…”wireless.”

Designed for active use, the Elecom Actrail sports a wrap-around headphone style with 112 × 150 x 57 mm dimensions.   It features a 30mm driver unit and an open air-type sound system. The Shuffle mounts with the front side up, so all you have to do is reach towards your ears to change tracks or adjust the volume.

According to Elecom, the design is limited to the current-gen iPod Shuffle.  Knowing people, though, a little bending here and there should let you fit in older models and even other similarly-small music players.  Heck, I bet I can make my random Chinese brand Shuffle-style MP3 player squeeze in there if I can manage to get my hands on one (or a random Chinese brand copycat that I’m sure I can find after a few months).

The Electrom Actrail is currently available strictly in Japan, priced at ¥4,200 (around $50) a pair.  It comes in either pink or white.

[link – Japanese Site]