Use These Air-Expelling EVAK Glass Jars To Keep Your Food Fresh

Glass jars with air-tight lids are great for holding food and keeping them fresh.  Since they still trap the stale air along with the stuff you have in the jar, though, they don’t exactly offer the most optimal solution.  The EVAK is a storage container that integrates a facility for pushing out all that extra air before sealing the food in.

Whether you’re using it to hold grains, coffee, or those Jack Daniels whiskey chocolates you’ve been missing all your life, this thing will hold them, all while keeping a minimal amount of air inside.  That means, any food you keep in them will stay fresher for longer, retaining their full flavor for as long as possible.

Rather than simply fasten on top like a regular container, the EVAK features a twin-valve system that uses a push-down lid to force all the air out when closing it.  To open, you simply pull up the lid by the large handle, making for one of the easiest to use containers you can have in the kitchen.  Construction is high-quality borosilicate glass for the container and stainless steel for the lid, with only the outer handle fashioned from ABS plastic, so no form of plastics ever come in contact with the food.  It comes in two sizes: one that can hold half a pound (6 x 3.75 inches, h x d) and another that holds a full pound of grub (10 x 3.75 inches, h x d).

Originally a Kickstarter project, the EVAK is now commercially available. Retail price is $19.99.

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