Family Road Trips Can Be Fun!

family-road-tripEver since the invention of in-car televisions and DVD players road trips have been surprisingly quiet for parents.  However, there are so many times your kids can watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ without their brain eventually rotting inside their head from underuse.

From now on, make sure they occasionally use those noggins with the Family Road Trip.  This may not keep things quite as serene as the latest kid’s movie on the tiny little television screen in your mini-van, but it will keep your kids having fun for hours.

The Family Road Trip includes games such as The License Plate Game, I Spy, Travel Scavenger Hunt, and seven other classic travel games.  The kit also includes twenty five quiz questions to gear up that gray matter, and 25 conversation starters like “What is your favorite souvenir you have brought back from vacation?” and “If you were captain of a cruise ship, what would you name your ship and where would you go?”

So, next time you’re planning a road trip make sure your kids have some intellectual stimulation with the Family Road Trip.  It may be a bit noisier than watching a movie, but at least you’ll know that your kid’s brains aren’t going to end up like a bowl of soggy oatmeal.

Family Road trip item is available for $20 at the store link below.

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