Hot Girls And Sweet Fixies Come Together For The FiXFiXFiX 2011 Calendar

New year, new calendars.  If you’re into fixies and bicycling in general, here’s a perfect one to hang by the garage: the FiXFiXFiX 2011 Calendar.

As the name implies, each full-color page comes with aesthetically-pleasing shots of fixed gear bikes, both in action and in repose.  Seriously, though, nobody’s going to buy a calendar with nothing but bike frames and wheels, so they threw in one sexy model for each month of the year.  And the result is spanking.

The FiXFiXFiX 2011 Calendar measures 12 x 12 inches and opens into a 24-inch tall vertical spread  (picture on top, requisite days of the month at the bottom) for each calendar month.  High-quality gloss paper was used for printing the high-res photos, since anything less and you can probably do it yourself with an inkjet printer.

By the way, this is a 13-month calendar so you get 13 photographs, just in case you need more than a year’s worth of hot chicks posing with sweet fixed gears.  The shots are all artful, tasteful and sexy, though, so don’t expect naked ladies doing unmentionable activities with their pedal-pushed rides.  I’m sure there’s a different website for that.

Even if you’re not a fan of bicycling with the fixed-geared variety, there’s enough hot women in the FiXFiXFiX 2011 Calendar to justify its use as next year’s on-the-wall reference for when the next non-working holiday is coming.  It’s not like you really need a calendar, anyway, since every gadget you own already has that function.  You just need a valid reason to post pictures of hot girls on the wall and this one perfectly fits the bill.