Flipside Wallet Keeps Your Cash, Cards And Personal Information Safe


Worried about RFID snoopers grabbing account details via invisible waves from your credit cards?  Protect yourself from high-tech thievery with the Flipside Wallet, a veritable security box that slides snugly into your pants pocket.

If you’ve been perfectly fine with your leather and canvas wallets in the past, now’s a good time to consider trading up.  With RFID becoming a standard in credit cards and other identification implements, you’ll need to protect yourself from new vulnerabilities resulting from it.   Even better, the hardcase accessory brings a lot more to the table than just an impenetrable RFID shield.

Made from a mix of high-strength polymers and aluminum alloy, it features a hardened chassis that effectively saves your IDs and cards from being regularly bent when you sit on them.  A secure locking mechanism makes sure none of the held contents slip out of it, either.


The Flipside Wallet has all the standard compartments, including two card slots (good for three cards apiece), a cash area (able to fit fifteen bills) and a picture cage (which you can use as an extra space for cards, too).  It’s built out of numerous parts held together with tiny screws, rather than simple panels, hinting at the amount of work that went into producing the design.

According to the manufacturer, the wallet is intended to go into the front pocket.  However, since the polypropylene material is able to bend a tad anyway, many folks reportedly slip it around the back like regular wallets with no real problems.

Slim, compact and available in a variety of colors, the Flipside Wallet is a nifty-looking piece too.  Coupled with the security mechanisms, it sounds like an awesome value for $40.

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