A Giant Ice Cream Scoop Is What You Need To Quell A Giant Ice Cream Craving

When a single scoop of ice cream is no longer enough to satisfy your cravings, you can always rely on that second scoop to get you through the longing.  And, maybe, that third one if it still doesn’t suffice.  Once you get to a certain point, though, you just have to accept that you’re probably beyond help and just pick up this Very Hungry Man’s Ice Cream Scoop, instead.

Able to shovel a large pile of frozen dairy with a single scoop, it saves you from having to dig into the tub multiple times to get enough Chunky Monkey as you would like.   Do note, you’ll probably make a mess trying to cram that much ice cream into a cone, so better stick with a bowl with this thing in tow.

The Very Hungry Man’s Ice Cream Scoop features a giant bowl measuring 4 inches in diameter, allowing you to scoop out an entire pint in one go.  That’s right, one whole pint.  Just imagine the kind of Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches you can make with that kind of scoop.  Construction is 18/10 stainless steel for the bowl, so it should support your gluttonous lifestyle for a long while, with the handle cut in brass-plated chrome.

Of course, you can always just buy multiple pints of ice cream, instead of a large tub, if that’s what constitutes a single serving in your kitchen.  But then, you’re going to miss out on the awesomely large crater you’ll be leaving in the middle of the ice cream every time you use a freshly-opened tub.  You can, like, put chocolate syrup there or something.  Hello, type 2 diabetes.

Available now, the Very Hungry Man’s Ice Cream Scoop retails for $59.95.

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