Glue Looper Lets You Use Adhesives With Zero Mess


Any time you’re using glue for any type of project, expect a mess. You’re going to get glue on your fingers, all over the table, and, pretty much, everything else in the vicinity. The Glue Looper is a tool for using adhesives without all the mess.

Billed as a “micro-glue applicator,” the tool allows you to apply a very thin but sufficient amount of glue to the sides of any objects you’re affixing without using your hands. That way, you can put just the necessary amount of adhesive to properly attach them, eliminating the dripping excess glue that normally create a mess after squeezing the objects together.


The Glue Looper isn’t new, by the way, as it’s been around since 2013. That version, however, is specifically designed to work with low-viscosity adhesives, while this new model, which they’re calling version 3, is built for working with medium- and high-viscosity glue and model cement. Like the original, the idea is to put a thin amount of glue on the surrounding flat surface and apply it through the central loop, relying on good, old capillary action to ensure that the glue (which will hang off the loop) touches the surface of the part you’re affixing first. This way, you can get glue onto cracks and harder to reach surface areas while using a very small amount of adhesive. Similar to the original, the tool is designed to slot onto any knife handle with a flat clamping front vise.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Glue Looper. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $10.

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