Guitar Hanger: Long-Time Problem, Cool Solution


It works like a coat hanger, except it’s for your guitars.  Ingenious and immensely useful, the Guitar Hanger is as low-tech a solution as you concoct for the longtime problem of organizing your stringed instruments (and full-sized Guitar Hero controllers).

Most of my musician friends have guitars lying around the house, where they end up easy prey for knocking over, either by pets, children or clumsy visitors (like me).  Keeping them in a case should solve the problem, but doesn’t it feel like you’re putting the guitar on a temporary retirement every time you do that?

The Guitar Hanger is a cheap way to organize your guitars, while keeping them easily within reach.  All you need is a sturdy rod that can support its weight (along with the weight of any other instrument you wish to hang) and you’re good to go.  This is even better than using a guitar stand because it really maximizes space.

Most guitars and bass (electric and acoustic), as long as they have a head, should easily fit into the Guitar Hanger.  If you’re lame enough to own a headless guitar (or, gasp, a keytar), sorry, you just can’t hang (literally).  I wouldn’t be surprised to see mid-to-full-sized Guitar Hero controllers hanging on it too, along with most anything with a head and a long body, like a machete, for instance.

[Guitar Hanger via Music Radar]