Havok Watches Pair Beautiful Design And Solid Construction In A $69 Timepiece


While nobody needs a watch to tell the time these days, plenty of people still wear one. A good-looking timepiece can complete an attire, after all, making them more of a fashion accessory than a utilitarian piece. Like many fashion accessories, though, well-designed and beautifully-crafted watches tend to carry a premium price. Havok Watches is hoping to offer a more practical alternative.

Created with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, the group’s collection of timepieces combine attractive design and quality construction with an affordable price point, making for a watch that you won’t mind wearing without having to make a serious dent on the credit card. Designed to be useful for everyday wear, these watches can, literally, go with anything, whether you’re rocking a formal suit to meet with clients, dressing down for casual Fridays, or hitting the links to close some business on the golf course.


Havok Watches come in five different models: Midnight Premium (all-black with a herringbone pattern trim), Oxford Premium (dress watch with silver accents and glen plaid backside), Black Classic (versatile everyday watch), Brown Classic (similar to the Black Classic, but with a white face and brown strap), and Rose Gold Minimalist (a classier-looking gold-plated watch). Each one features a 39mm carbon 316L steel case with 3ATM of water resistance, Hattori VX32 mechanical movement (the same one used in Japanese Seiko watches), a woven backed band with leather reinforcements, and a stainless steel clasp.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Havok Watches. Pledges to reserve one starts at just $69. Now, if they can make affordable fitness tracker watches that look like this, I might actually bite.


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