Helium-Filled SkyBall Bounces Up To 75 Feet, Clears Football Field In One Throw


Want to play ball like a superhero?  Now, you can.  The new SkyBall lets you play Catch and other backyard games like only men with super strength can manage, hurling through the air like it came right out of Superman’s hands.

Thrown by a sufficiently strong individual, the SkyBall can travel the length of an entire football field in one heave.  Now, just imagine how much farther it can go when struck by a baseball bat or a golf club – way cool.  Even better, it can bounce off the ground at insane heights, easily clearing forty feet for most folks of average strength.  Under ideal conditions, the manufacturer claims it can easily take heights of up to 75 feet.

How does it bounce so high?  The SkyBall is filled with compressed air and helium, accounting for the ridiculous springiness (yes, it’s a real word – I checked).  It’s got a four inch diameter, so it’s not that small, making it a little easier (just a little bit) to find when it bounces out of your sight.


Unlike balloons, the SkyBall doesn’t lose its ability to soar through the skies over time.  In fact, it’s supposed to last you for as long as it doesn’t get punctured (which, given the ridiculous distances it can go, it probably will).

The possibilities it offers for ridiculous new games due to its properties is pretty wide.  Because it can bounce so high, it should be easy to dribble while you’re perched on a third floor balcony, even playing catch with someone below.  Heck, you can play catch with someone from the other side of a soccer field and end up overthrowing a couple of times.  If you’re on the beach, you can make a game of knocking down people catching waves and riding jetskis, all while perched on a chair right by the shore.  Evil!

The SkyBall is available from VAT19 for $8.95 apiece.  Make sure to buy plenty if you plan to use it to knock your friends out from a distance.  I doubt you’ll get them back.

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