InaTrap Is The Most Gorgeous Way To Kill Insects EVER

Seeing the InaTrap for the first time, it’s not surprising to mistake it for a fancy-schmancy lamp or some other high-design home furnishing — the kind you read about in those interior design blogs and whatnot.  Except it isn’t.  Instead, it’s a bug killer, primed and ready to slay all those disease-bearing mosquitos wanting to suck drops of blood off your body.

Made by Acase, it’s possibly the most beautiful mosquito trap in existence.  At least, from what I’ve seen. We’ve owned a couple of skeeto-scorchers before and none of the crap I’ve looked at comes even remotely close to this level of elegance.  If you’ve got a bug problem and don’t want to mess up your home’s décor with those fugly industrial objects, then this thing should be your go-to purchase.

Even better, the InaTrap isn’t just a jazzed up mosquito trap — it kinda works better, too.  Using a soft glowing LED light and a photo-catalyst reaction, it generates carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitoes (that’s how they find humans, by the way).  As soon as they come close enough, the onboard noiseless fan will simply suck them into the device’s escape-proof cell, where they are sentenced to immediate electrocution for their crimes.  Poof — no more mosquito bites.

It comes in two colors of LEDs — blue and purple, both of which share the same shiny white body.  According to the product page, they also have a decorated porcelain version that comes with Chinese-style patterns and graphics if you want to raise the eye-candy level even higher.

The Acase InaTrap is available from Amazon, priced at $89.95.

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