Infinity Rinse-Away Is A 3D-Printing Filament That Dissolves In Tap Water


When 3D printing objects with complex shapes, articulation, or movement, it’s often necessary to add support materials into your models in order to hold everything in place. Problem is, those same support materials will need to be removed to complete the final product and it’s a process that can be even more time-consuming than the build itself. That won’t be a problem, however, if you build your supporting structures using the new Infinity Rinse-Away filament.

Created by 3D Systems, it’s a new type of filament that can be easily dissolved in water. That way, you can simply submerge the printed object in a bowl of water to shed all supporting structures off, ending the tedious job of removing the supports one by one and eliminating the need to bring out your retouching tool to clean any stubbles left behind.

Designed for Cube and Cube Pro 3D printers, Infinity Rinse-Away completely dissolves when exposed to water, leaving no trace of the support material on the finished product. It’s made from a biodegradable, corn-based plastic that automatically washes off after several minutes (varies depending on size and complexity of the build, but average is around 15 minutes) of being submerged or placed under running water. And, yes, the by-product is safe and non-toxic, so you don’t even have to wear gloves when washing the support off. It’s only compatible with PLA, though, so those who prefer other materials will still have to contend with their old challenges, but having something that can wash off this easily sure opens the door to a whole lot of erstwhile very difficult 3D printing projects.

Infinity Rinse-Away is available now, priced at $49 for Cube cartridges and $99 for the Cube Pro.

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