IOGear USB Sharing Station Gives Your USB Gadgets Wireless Powers

All these gadgets and their cords.  Your gadgets are awesome but all the  cords lying around are just annoying . You have tons of them with a USB printer, an external USB hard disk and a half-dozen other USB gadgets that you don’t really need at your desk anyway.  Maybe the IOGear USB Sharing Station can help.

Using the device, you can get rid of all the USB gadgets that don’t really need to sit right near your desk.  Just connect it to your network and you can set up the gear some other place where their tangled mess won’t be a bother.  Plus, you can finally get rid of all those CableDrops sitting at the edge of your table.

The IOGear USB Sharing Station looks just like a standard wireless router, with four USB ports (three in the rear, one in the front) in place of network slots.    When plugged in, your USB devices can be shared over WiFi among folks in the house, too, making for a quick solution to shared printers, media storage and other USB gear that multiple people use.

If four USB ports isn’t enough, it also allows you to plug in one four-port extension for additional slots.  We’re not sure what kind of effect this will have on your network traffic, but it’s probably so bad.  Oh yeah, and this could be the perfect solution for turning a cheap USB webcam into a wireless home surveillance system.

While the $99.95 price tag isn’t exactly cheap, the IOGear USB Sharing Station still sounds like a more economical option compared to buying new gadgets with built-in WiFi.  It’s available now.