Laboratory Shot Glasses Let You Drink Like A Mad Scientist


Sneaking alcohol into the house without the wife catching you is easy enough.   Drinking with your buddies in the garage and not getting caught is a little hard, though.  Well, we have an idea.  Tell the wife you’re inventing a new chemical and selling it on Kickstarter while looking the part by chugging those spirits down using these Laboratory Shot Glasses.  Yeah, that will 100% work.

Designed to resemble miniature laboratory equipment, these containers let you do shots while looking nothing more than a harmless mad scientist toy kit.  That way, you can pretend to be working on an experiment for your new get-rich-quick scheme, all while actually putting together different mixes of rum and tequila.  And, yes, we’re 100% sure it’s going to work.

The Laboratory Shot Glasses Set include four containers: a pair of beakers, one Erlenmeyer flask and one volumetric flask.   Since they’re for shots, each glass is really small, with space to hold just a little over an ounce of your favorite libations.  Granted, they don’t look like serious gear for people working on a real Chemistry project, but don’t worry — just reassure the wife it’s real equipment and it will 100% work.  Really.

Each shot glass comes complete with measuring lines and a mixing pipette, which should help the realism a little bit.  Of course, they also make it easier to mix and measure drinks, so it should serve your drinking purposes equally well.  The set is made from glass and is dishwasher-safe.

Thinkgeek has the Laboratory Shot Glasses Set available now, priced at $19.99.

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