Larry Alert Uses Ranged-Radar To Create An Invisible Security Perimeter Around Any Object


Sometimes, you need to leave a valuable piece of gear unattended, whether it’s a surfboard, a bike, or a crate full of equipment. In those situations, securing the gear to a fixed structure using a lock is probably a good idea. If that isn’t an option, the Larry Alert offers an alternative solution.

When activated, the device creates an invisible protective shield around any object using ranged radar technology, allowing it to immediately identify when any time the coverage area is breached. When that happens, the device will send a notification to your phone to let you know your belongings may not be completely safe.


The Larry Alert comes with a loud siren that you can set to automatically activate when the perimeter has been breached, giving you a way to scare potential thieves without being present. If that’s too wild for your tastes, you can also set it to simply take a picture of the immediate vicinity (yes, it has a built-in camera with flash) and send it to your phone, allowing you to decide for yourself whether to sound the alarm or not. There’s also an integrated speaker, so you can warn off potential thieves yourself.


Features three preset perimeter sizes (small, medium, and large), a rugged weather-resistant housing, and a battery rated at eight hours of operation in a single charge. It comes with both an adjustable suction cup and a Velcro strap for versatile mounting options.

Available now, the Larry Alert is priced at $172.50.

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