Minimize Your Everyday Carry With The Leatherman Juice B2


Some people carry a multi-tool as part of their everyday carry. Others choose to ditch the bulk by carrying just the most frequently-used tool in the bunch: the knife. But what kind of blade to carry? If you can’t decide, just pick up the Leatherman Juice B2 to get a pair of blades in one.

A two-in-one folding knife, it bundles a straight-edge blade and a serrated blade in a single handle, so you can get access to either one in a pinch. Whether you need to make a clean cut or slice through something a little thicker, this two-in-one combo should have the exact blade you need to get the job done for any cutting tasks.


The Leatherman Juice B2 measures 3.2 inches when closed, with each blade measuring 2.2 inches apiece. Since it only holds two blades, the tool remains slim and weighs a mere 1.3 ounces, making it ideal for minimalists who see no value in carrying full-fledged multi-tools as part of their daily gear stash. Construction is 420HC steel for both blades, while the handle scales are cut in aluminum with three available finishes (granite, cinnabar, and Columbia). And, yes, it comes with Leatherman’s 25-year warranty.


Available now, the Leatherman Juice B2 is priced at $24.95.