Leica’s Blk360 Is A Pro-Grade Survey Scanner That’s No Bigger Than Some Water Bottles


Laser-based survey scanners aren’t exactly new, as architects, surveyors, and designers have long used them to simplify data collection in their fields. The Leika Blk360, however, represents a significant leap, as it comes in at a size no bigger than some water bottles.

Measuring just 6.5 x 4 inches (height x diameter), the scanner offers a compact alternative to pro-grade systems, all while providing a level of quality that will satisfy professional needs. Seriously, this thing is small enough to fit inside the expandable side pockets of some backpacks, allowing you to gather data with a minimal amount of gear.


The Leica Blk360 has a LiDar scanner that can gather up to 360,000 points per second with adjustable resolution settings, all while supporting a range of 60 meters and scanning at a 4mm accuracy. That sensor is supported by three 5-megapixel cameras for capturing 360-degree HDR images and a FLIR thermal imaging sensor for capturing color scales and energy audits. All that hardware, by the way, is precisely aligned to each other, so each one can take its capture at the exact same time as the others, which it can finish in three minutes or less after a single push of a button.


Features include 64GB of onboard storage (enough to store up to 100 full captures), IP54 rating for outdoor viability, a single button for dead-simple operation, and a LED indicator. It’s designed to work with Autodesk’s ReCap 360 Pro Mobile, so you just need an iPad on hand to get real-time readings.

Available now, the Leica Blk360 is priced at $15,990.

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