Add A Ruler On Everything You Own With Measure-It Tape


A tape measure and an erasable marking tool can handle all your measurement needs when it comes to woodworking, sewing, and all sorts of DIY craft. Still, there will probably be some tasks that can be better accomplished using Measure-It, an adhesive measuring tape.

Described as “the measuring tape that sticks,” it’s a masking tape with ruler measurements printed across its length. That way, you can simply stick it onto whatever you’re working on then peel it off when you’re done (e.g. when you’re drilling shelf holes on a wall), instead of taking a measuring tape and marking the object at various points.


Aside from DIY stuff, Measure-It can be used to add a ruler onto practically anything for whatever purpose it might serve you. Want to add ruler measurements on the edge of your workbench at the garage? This will do the trick. What about the cutting board, so you can slice meats into precise portions? Sounds good. How about building a giant ruler because you feel like doing something stupid during a lazy Sunday afternoon? Yep, this should keep you amused for a minute.

Since it’s just like masking tape, it can adhere onto most any surface, as well as easily remove without leaving any marks. It can even be repositioned, so you can use a single 12-inch length for the entire project, instead of having to pull out fresh ones from the roll. Available in 32- and 48-foot rolls, it comes with imperial markings, with 12-inch repeated shaded measures and 16-inch center markings for standard stud placements.

Measure-It is priced at $8 for 32 feet and $8.50 for 48 feet.

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