Michael Johansson’s Objects Subjected Sculptures Should Teach Pack Rats Some Organization Skills


Pack rats of the world could learn a thing or two from Michael Johansson.  I’m not sure if it’s his OCD showing, but his latest sculpture collection, called Subjected, looks like the work of a true Tetris master.

Using a cringe-worthy amount of items retrieved from flea markets, Michael organizes the loot into compact piles using downright elite organization skills.  The result is a visually-engaging set of art pieces that are both extremely original and highly creative, apart from being unbelievably neat and well-kempt.


From afar, the gorgeous sculptures look like a tightly-compacted heap of trash, with nary a slither of space.  Come closer, however, and you’ll begin to make out the awesomeness of its construction.

Otherwise unrelated items, from ancient encyclopedias to old clocks to plastic containers, are hoisted side by side in neat arrangements like a perfectly-filled Tetris rows.  Rather than just throw them in a pile, they’re even put up along fake containers such as old chairs, tables and busted up doorways for a more powerful effect.


Word of warning: while these things look good, pack rats should only mimic the space-maximizing contrivance if they don’t plan to use any of the stuff anytime soon.  Otherwise, expect hell when you suddenly need that briefcase along the bottom of the pile.  I’ll be scared.

[via Booooooom]