Monte Cool Sunglasses Come With Colorful, Interchangeable Temples

As cool as your favorite pair of GI Joe Sunglasses are, you’d like to vary your eyewear game every now and again.  And to do that, you’ll usually need to buy different pairs of glasses.  Not the case with Monte Cool, which lets you simply swap out frames and temples to change up your look.

Bringing modular function to eyewear, the sunglasses come with magnetically-detachable temples that let you separate it from the frame with a quick tug.  That way, you can attach different temples or put the same temples on a different frame, depending on the mood you’re feeling on the day.

The Monte Cool Sunglasses come in two styles, JFK and LAX, both set to be made available in eight different colors.  Both sport Wayfarer-style designs, with options for custom laser-engraving so you can personalize them.  They’re also promising two new models as soon as the first pair drops.  Buy a few of these and you get a literal lot of options, mixing styles and colors as your personal tolerance for funky fashion can handle.

For all the glasses, the frames are fashioned from scratch-resistant, aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, with neodymium magnets on the hinges forcing everything to snap into alignment.  The lenses, on the other hand, use a polarized polycarbonate core with two UV filters and a scratch-resistant coating.

Since Monte Cool Sunglasses are intended for mixing and matching, you can choose different colors for the frames and the temples with each order.  Each frame comes with two sets of temples, too, so you can change things up as soon as you score a pair.  They’re currently on preorder, priced at $60 per set (one frame, two sets of magnetic temples).

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