This Book Collects The Best Infographics From National Geographic’s 128-Year Run


What do you get when you collect all the best infographics that National Geographic has published over the last 128 years? A book that infographic geeks can never resist. That’s exactly what Taschen put together with the National Geographic Infographics.

Yes, National Geographic may very well be among the pioneers of the modern infographic, as they’ve heavily relied on the medium for educating readers and simplifying information since the magazine’s debut in 1888. And this hardcover volume compiles all the best of that work, making for one truly curious read.


Over 480 pages, National Geographic Infographics presents some of the most compelling visual presentation of information under seven sections – history, the planet, humanity, science and technology, animals, plants, and space. It covers a wide array of subjects, from the Roman Empire and the Easter Island statues to the rise of hip hop and the history of surfing, so there’s plenty to chew on for most any reader. Since some infographics are way bigger than others, it comes with several fold-outs, although, sadly, there are no inserts that you can take off and hang somewhere.


It includes an essay by Nigel Holmes, which discusses the evolution of the magazine over the decades and how its use of visual presentation arose. This is a large hardcover, by the way, measuring 10 x 15 inches, so it will make for a substantial presence on any coffee table.


Available now, the National Geographic Infographics is priced at $69.99.

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