New Balance 890 Revlite Rainbow Blinds People With Color

Your personalized New Balance US574 may look funky in the custom colorway, but what you really want are running shoes that look like a box of crayons threw up on them.  And now you can have it with the New Balance 890 Revlite Rainbow.

To call these sneakers colorful is a serious understatement.  There’s literally more color in each pair of these than a packed 1960s hippie concert.  That you’re imagining while tripping on acid.  After being tasered.  While floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

The New Balance 890 Revlite Rainbow is, hands down, the most eye-popping model in the company’s Revlite range of trainers.   Like the rest of its less-flashy brethren, the shoes boast unusual lightness, courtesy of the Revlite midsole foam compound that weighs a third less than the materials they use in other kicks.  Other shoe features include a full ground-contact outsole (to accommodate midfoot, forefoot and heel strikes) made with Ndurance rubber, welded seams, synthetic/mesh uppers, flat laces and blown rubber forefoot.

Two Rainbow colorways are available: one sports a bright solar red aesthetic, while the other delivers a  full rainbow effect.  Word of warning: both of them will make you want to take hallucinogens if you stare really hard — so don’t look for too long.

Exclusively released in Japan, the New Balance 890 Revlite Rainbow is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.  If you want a pair, we suggesting hitting eBay or dropping by West NYC who have (or had, at least) a few in stock.