Ooloom Lets You Cosplay As An Adorable Animal Even In Your Sleep


Do you grit your teeth like a nibbling raccoon every time you sleep? Or maybe you snore with the growl of an angry bear? Perhaps, you dream of being a monkey who also happens to be Justin Bieber’s favorite pet? Our point is, if you’re going to sleep like an animal, might as well look like one. These Ooloom sleep masks, which feature the likeness of various sleeping animals, should do the trick.

Nah, they won’t help you sleep better or wake up in a more energized manner. Instead, they’re just regular sleep masks with cute, cartoon designs of different animals, so you can cosplay as a cat, wolf, or a Komodo dragon while you drift off into slumber.


There are currently 11 colorful Ooloom designs available: the three we mentioned above, plus a panda, giraffe, owl, fox, bat, monkey, raccoon, and polar bear. Each one is made from thick Estonian felt to ensure the mask is strong and warm, with an inner lining made from soft recycled flannel to keep things comfortable while it’s blanketed around your face. Yes, you can’t actually see yourself wearing the mask, so you won’t get to enjoy the absurdity of wearing a giraffe mask while you snore with monkey sounds, but at least the wife can have some entertainment the next time your snoring wakes her up at three in the morning.


Available directly from their website, each Ooloom “face blanket” is priced at €24.50.

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