Origami Napkins Bring Papercraft To The Dinner Table

Dinner parties can tend to be stuffy, rather awkward affairs. Loosen it up by treating your guests to a side order of Origami Napkins, erstwhile regular table napkins printed with folding instructions, so you can turn them into paper art.

Sure, it’s childish to play with your napkins. When you’re boring everyone with your colorless conversation materials, however, it just might be the thing that keeps your guests glued to their seats. That and good alcohol. Give me some tasty spirits and I’ll listen to any pointless diatribe for hours on end. I might even chuckle once or twice.

Cheaper than good wine, stocking on Origami Napkins does sound like a more cost-effective proposition. While it won’t be as universal a solution as just pouring intoxicating stuff down a glass, it just might be fun enough to get a few folks to stay. And don’t even get me started on children’s parties. If you’d rather have kids on their asses folding paper instead of wreaking havoc in your living room, this sounds a like a godsend.

Each pack comes with 40 napkins, with ten each of four different designs (a bird, a shoe, a shirt and some weird feathered thing that I can’t figure out). It’s coming in May, priced at £4.99 (around $8) per box.

[Origami Napkins via Book of Joe]