Café Racer Styling Gives The Oto Cycles’ RaceR E-Bike A Distinctly Handsome Look


It’s not the most powerful electric bicycle we’ve seen, but whatever the Oto Cycles RaceR lacks in power, it more than makes up for in styling. Inspired by the silhouette of 50s-era café racers, it just might be the most handsome way to bring the convenience of motorized assistance to your daily bicycle commute.

Mirroring the distinctive ergonomics of the classic street racers of the mid-20th century, it features a handling-focused frame, low-slung handlebars, and a narrow stance, making it feel natural to tuck in during times you want to maximize riding aerodynamics. Granted, it’s not going anywhere near as fast as the British motorbikes of that era, but we doubt you’re going to get an e-bike if you want to regularly ride at 80mph.


The Oto Cycles RaceR comes with two power options: a 250-watt, 36-volt rear hub motor that produces 23.6 pound-feet of torque and runs it to speeds of up to 15.5 mph; and a 500-watt, 36-volt version that raises the speed to 22 mph. Both are hooked up to Samsung batteries that give the bike a maximum range of 43 miles in pedal-assist mode. Features include a centrally-mounted LCD to show the current level of pedal-assist, a steel-and-chromo frame, a Brooks England B67 saddle, 24-inch tires, and disc brakes. It can accommodate riders up to 265 pounds. For customization, they offer different colors for the grips and tires, along with a selection of custom cargo bags and tool bags.


We can’t find details on pricing, but the Oto Cycles RaceR should be available now from various dealers around Europe.

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