Battle-Ready Trefecta DRT Electric Bicycle Can Hit 43.5 MPH


Rich people ride electric bicycles, too (maybe something like this $5,000 café racer-style e-bike). At least, that’s what Trefecta Mobility is counting on with the Trefecta DRT, a killer of an electric bicycle that’s saddled with an equally killer price tag.

Designed for military-grade use, the electric bicycle boasts a beefy construction, using aluminum blocks for the frame instead of traditional tubing. This ensures it can withstand more than its share of the elements (all sensitive components are housed inside the frame), allowing it to deliver exceptional performance, regardless of terrain or weather conditions.


The Trefecta DRT uses a 4-kW motor, which sends up to 184 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheel to get it running at speeds of up to 43.5 mph. It comes with a pedelec system that manages the motor output at low speeds, adopting a pedal-assist type of operation to minimize battery drain. Of course, there’s no point buying a fast bike without pushing it, so it comes with a throttle on the right handlebar (yep, like a real motorcycle) that you can crank to speed things along on the open road. Other bike details include a 14-speed Rohlof Speedhub, a SmeshGear transmission, 26-inch carbon fiber wheels, and Schwalbe mountain bike tires. It can even fold down into a compact pile (yep, that beastly-looking mountain bike is foldable), making it easy to store.


A bike computer is mounted at the center of the handlebars, allowing the rider to control ride modes, gear settings, and more, apart from reading data on trip functions, speed, and battery life. It comes with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with an accompanying mobile app.


Pricing for the Trefecta DRT starts at €22,500. Hey, we told you it’s for rich people, right?

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