Panasonic EU6441A Core Muscle Trainer Is An Indoor Horse-Ridin’ Exercise Machine

Core muscle training usually involves working with weights.  Not so with the Panasonic  EU6441A Core Muscle Trainer, which exercises those large muscles by letting you simulate riding a not-so-frantic mechanical bull.

Designed to improve strength, flexibility and overall balance, it targets core muscles, like the back, abdominals, obliques, quadriceps and thighs for an effective workout.  Despite the beneficial results, the system provides low-impact training, resulting in minimal strain on the joints and reducing your chances of injury.

The EU6441A works like a mechanical rodeo saddle, taking you away from your center of balance, then forcing you to recover using your core and thigh muscles.  It measures 29.5 x 16.5 x 34.3 inches (h x w x d) and can handle exercisers up to 265-pounds.  Designed for quiet, low-impact operation, you can conveniently watch TV or read a book while riding atop the saddle.

For customized workouts, you can vary the tilt of the machine, the speed and the routine (side-to-side, forward tilt and backward tilt).  Do note that each set is restricted to 15 minutes (it’s preset), so you’ll have to restart again every quarter hour.

Because it targets core muscles, it’s an ideal exercise to pair with other aerobic workouts, such as treadmill runs and stationary cycling.  It comes with a DVD that teaches ways to get the most from the machine, such as how you can get a more complete workout by adding arm weights or performing aerobic upper-body moves while using the saddle.

Requiring nothing more than maintaining your balance (no running, no pedaling and no rowing), the Panasonic EU6441A  Core Muscle Trainer provides one of the most accessible workouts for home gyms.  It’s available for $1,425 from Amazon, and comes with a mat, two footrests and two brackets.

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