Pee Without Noise Stool Lets You Kneel By The Toilet For No-Sound Relief


Ever peed so loud it embarrassed you to death?  Never?  Yeah, same here.  As such, it’s taking me a long time to wrap my head around this questionable contraption that claims to help you relieve a common bodily function quietly.  Called the Pee Without Noise Stool, it’s meant to let you take a whizz without making a sound.

If they invented a toilet with volume controls, I would have jumped with glee.   Not because I think it’s necessary, but a dirt-bowl with noise canceling technology is just too rad to resist.  Instead, this is what we get – a kneeling stool that lets you put your pecker closer to the target.

Not that the Pee Without Noise is without its merits.  For instance, it totally eliminates sprinkled toilet water and poor targeting mess, apart from letting you inch nearer to the bowl in case you need to throw up – very real problems that the contraption handily solves.  Yet, they chose to focus the branding on making no sound when you’re taking a leak. Go figure!  Is there some Japanese social convention when it comes to noisy pee?  My guess is yes – otherwise, what would be the point of selling a kneeling stool as a drip silencer?

Sporting soft comfy cushions, the stool comes in two models, each of which allows for different types of kneeling.  The two piece DX model offers one stool for each knee, which you can arrange depending on how you best like to take the position.  It is made of lightweight polyurethane, with each piece measuring 15 x 31 x 23 cm.  The second model, called the Eco, is a single-body unit made of wood, with 51 x 22 x 14 cm dimensions.  Both variants can hold up to 265 lbs of weight.

[Japan Trend Shop via RGS]