Wigli Is A Wobbling Office Stool That Will Keep You Exercising

A standing desk is great for burning more calories while working on a computer.  If you’d rather dump your weight on something while still keeping in shape, though, the Wigli stool might be more up your alley.

A stool designed for cubicle drones, the office furnishing isn’t just an ordinary  seat with no backrest.  Based on the idea that continual movement of the body can help prevent back problems, the actual seating surface wobbles, forcing you to commission the seldom-used muscles in your lower back and abdomen to keep it steady.  We’re not sure why you’ll want to make your 9-to-5 existence all that much more difficult, but if that’s what makes you happy, we wholeheartedly support your endeavors.

The Wigli is a three-legged milking stool with a wiggling circular seat surface that’s intentionally slanted.  It’s made from steamed birch wood, with a thick layer of rubber on the seat for grip and warmth, along with a rubber hinge that’s supposed to be indestructible.  The effect appears similar to sitting on one of those giant rubber balls at the gym, except you’re supposed to use it while answering emails and typing up spreadsheets in your work area.

We’re not sure how much more helpful this would be, compared to just taking the time to do core exercises at home for 15 minutes a day.  Plus, I can’t imagine having to maintain your balance the entire day doing any good for your productivity.

You can get the Wigli in one of two heights, 17.7 inches and 18.9 inches.  Price is €299.30.

[Product Link via GadgetLab]