Even Crappy Leftovers Will Look Great Packed In The Marlowe Lunch Bag


It’s not the first bag we’ve seen to let you brown bag your lunch in style.  If you haven’t quite found the brown bag alternative to pack your daily meals in, the Marlowe Lunch Bag might just be the one that tickles your fancy.

Created by Peg and Awl, it’s a small sack similar to the brown bags of your grade school days that you can use to pack the leftover pizza, hastily-slapped-together sandwich, or surprisingly-wonderfully-prepared meal you’re bringing to work for the day. Except, instead of being made from paper, it’s cut in a durable canvas material, ensuring you can use it for more than a single day at work.


Designed to tug at your nostalgic heartstrings, the Marlowe Lunch Bag comes with a rustic-looking finish that makes it look like a vintage piece.  Construction is 19-ounce waxed cotton canvas, so apart from being reusable, it sheds water, too, allowing you to simply wipe it down to clean after every end of the day.  Unlike most modern brown bags we’ve seen, it comes with a small exterior pocket, which Peg and Awl recommends it for leaving notes to whoever makes your lunches.  If you pack your own grub, we’re guessing it should be handy for carrying medications you need to drink after meals, too.


Dimensions are 12 x 8 x 5 inches (h x w x d), so there’s plenty of room to carry a lot of food for those days you’re likely to spend a little more time in the office.  It comes in six colors.

Available now, the Marlowe Lunch Bag is priced at $44.

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