Perrelet’s Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection


Perrelet has long made a trademark of highly stylish watches with an oscillating rotor spinning prominently on its face.  For the new Turbine series, they used the jet’s rotary engine for inspiration and produced some insanely cool-looking timepieces as a result.


Each Double Rotor Turbine Watch sports 12 blades of titanium that spin via weights cleverly tucked away from sight.  Further enhancing the striking appearance are luminous hour markers situated behind the spinning vanes, creating a stunning visual effect.    The movement is a sight to behold, almost like your wrist accessory is about to take off.  Fortunately, it never really does.

Situated at the back of the watch is an exhibition caseback, allowing you a view of its internal mechanism, in case you’re bored enough to find that fascinating.  The rest of the timepiece is very sleek and sporty, perhaps the most stylish of Perrelet’s line of rotor-fitted watches.  Equally dapper is the case the watch comes in, which has been narrowed to resemble a jet engine.

While a number of watches have previously come out with a similar theme, the Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch is arguably the best-looking, apart from being the most reasonably priced of the bunch.  It comes in three models, namely the  A1047/1 (black and red, in photo), A1047/2 (all-black), and the A.5006/1 (gray and white).  Expect the luxury sports timepiece to hit the market around October.

The Awesomer