Play Tetris with Your Furniture


Some people claim they play Tetris with their furniture all the time—they move it around, put different chairs in different places, and generally try to get as much of it to fit into a room as possible.  While that kind of Tetris can be annoying, playing Tetris with the awesome Tetris furniture designed by Diego Silverio and Helder Filipoy of Brazil is much more fun.  Their stacking Tetris-inspired furniture is great for any room where you need a lot of storage.

Silverio and Filipoy’s furniture takes its cues from the popular modular shelving that can be found in just about any store.  However, instead of simply building boring cube and rectangular storage units, they took it a step further and built all of their items to resemble Tetris blocks.  Sure, this means you have cubes with four compartments and long rectangular pieces with five cubby holes, but you also have small L pieces and those pieces that look somewhat like the letter Z and like an upside down T.  There’s even a long rectangular piece that, instead of featuring storage holds, conceals a fold out sofa!

You can purchase these pieces in several different ways.  Some have all open storage areas, while other features drawers or doors to conceal your stuff.  Each different shape comes in its own color, too.  The long rectangular pieces are generally yellow, while the cubes are a light blue.  You can place each piece around the room individually or play your own game of Tetris and stack them up as you desire.  If you’re a great fan of Tetris, love video games, or simply want some shelving that’s a bit different, you won’t want to pass these items up.


Via Boing Boing