Relic Turns Any Kettle Grill Or Outdoor Surface Into A Functional Brick Oven


If you’ve ever had pizza cooked in a brick oven, then you can understand the difference a lightly-charred crust makes. And you’ve probably entertained the idea of having a brick oven built in the backyard, so you can enjoy it any time of the year. If you haven’t quite pushed the button on the brick oven idea, you might want to put it in hold, since it looks like the Relic Portable Brick Oven can save you from the laborious construction.

Instead of building an actual oven brick by painstaking brick, this system lets you turn any existing kettle grill or outdoor surface into a functional brick oven. And by functional, we mean just like the real thing, as it ably replicates the necessary temperatures (800 degrees Fahrenheit on the floor and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit on the dome) required to cook a proper brick oven pizza, all without having to build a permanent fixture on the backyard.


The Relic Portable Brick Oven is a modular system consisting of an oven floor and a three-part dome that interlocks during assembly. Two types of oven floors are available – Firestone for cooking on top of standard kettle grills and Fireslate for cooking on top of outdoor surfaces, like picnic tables, outdoor kitchen countertops, and even your pickup truck’s tailgate. In both cases, the process is the same – you lay down the oven floor, assemble the dome on top of it, get a fire going to hit the required temperatures, and start cooking.


Once you get the proper temperatures (they estimate this takes around 30 minutes), the oven can cook pizzas in as little as 90 seconds, so you can churn out a dozen pies in no time. Features include a fire box that’s lower than the cooking surface (to avoid ash getting in your pizza), shock-absorbent materials so you can drop them without breaking, and fully weatherproof construction.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Relic. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $1,095.

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