Rethink Hanger Finds A Novel Use For Discarded Water Bottles


Got a lot of empty water bottles at home?  If you’d rather use them for good, instead of landfill, the Rethink Hanger offers a pretty novel idea.  Use them to hang your clothes.

How exactly?  Well, the clever contraption acts like an unfinished hanger, with nothing but a hook to hang from and two holes that should accommodate plastic bottles on the sides.  All those used PET containers?  Simply screw them into the slots and use them as shoulders for your shirts and blouses to latch on to.


The Rethink Hanger is designed as a way to promote the reuse of what would otherwise be discards – water bottles and other similarly-sized plastic containers (they need to have 1-inch diameter heads).  Along the way, it has managed to be a more portable hanger, taking up considerably less space than conventional items – one which would prove incredibly useful if you like staying in dingy hotels where complaining at the lobby isn’t likely to get you more hangers since they have none.  You, cheapskate, you.

It measures an economical 2.5 x 5.25 x 1.375 inches, allowing you to cram a good number of pieces in your bags.  Of course, you’ll also have to drink a hefty amount of liquids in order to use the hangers, so be prepared to use the men’s room more than usual.

Rethink Hangers are available in green and yellow, priced at a rather ridiculous $7.99 apiece.  Yep,  that much for an unfinished hanger.  Ten percent of the net proceeds go to charity, so it’s 90% too expensive.

[Rethink Concepts via Oh Gizmo]