Robox, The Goofy-Looking Half-Box, Half-Robot

As we accumulate more small items, the more boxes we usually need to stock them all in.  If you’re going to fill your home with boxes, they might as well look fun, right?  That’s the idea behind Robox, a series of nine storage boxes that go in piles of three, forming a trio of goofy-looking robots straight out of a bad 1950s futuristic movie.

If you’ve been thinking up of low-cost ways to deck a science fiction home, these robot boxes should offer a compelling choice.  I mean, it’s just boxes with robot printouts plastered all over it, not Star Wars merchandise.  How expensive can it be to build your own?

Created by Guus Oosterbaan as a home project for his kids, the set is designed to store in a 3 x 3 grid shelf, which creates the effect of three robots hanging on a wall.  Since they’re boxes, you can use them to house small items and serve as stools, apart from their all-important role as giant enemy robots when your kids are playing.

Guus doesn’t appear to have the Robox on sale.  If you want your own, gotta build them yourself (or ask a box shop at the mall if they can build custom ones for you).  Robot designs (especially goofy ones) are all over the web, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get ideas to copy from.

More pictures from Guus’ site below.

[Guus Oosterbaan]