Use The RollPro Mini To Hold Your Action Cam Gear


Remember when you thought filming with a GoPro will require you to carry a GoPro, a mount, and nothing else. Yeah, that turned out to be severely naïve, with your regular gear stash getting an influx of mounts, SD cards, battery packs, harnesses, cases, and a whole lot more. Suffice to say, the gear count has gotten so big it requires its own bag. For all intents and purposes, the RollPro Mini looks like a perfect fit for that job.

A smaller version of Riseful’s bag roll for the GoPro, it provides a relatively compact carrying solution for users whose GoPro gear stash has been growing but has not blown out of proportion quite yet. Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of room to fill here, but it does make for a more suitable solution for those who try to keep their on-the-go cache a little bit more streamlined.


When rolled up, the RollPro Mini measures 7 inches tall and up to 5 inches in diameter, making it small enough to carry in hand, all while conveniently squaring away in a corner of the backpack. For storage, it comes with a large pouch secured by Velcro straps that can hold a pair of GoPro Hero4s or four GoPro Hero Sessions, with the rest of the bag consisting of two long zippered mesh pockets that you can use to pack mounts, cables, batteries, remotes, and other accessories.


Construction is Sunbrella industrial-grade fabric, with Shindo elastics, Eddington nylon thread, and YKK zippers. When fully laid out, the whole thing measures 24 inches long.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the RollPro Mini. Pledges to reserve a unit start at $69.

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