Rolly Is A Chewable Toothbrush On The Go

Keeping your teeth shiny and clean ain't easy.  Especially when you like to eat while driving, while walking and while doing, pretty much, anything else.  Sneaking into a bathroom to brush your teeth (even without toothpaste) won't always be an available option.  Fortunately, you can bust out a Rolly any time.

Billed as a "toothbrush on the go," it's a chewable spiked disk about the size of a big pill that looks like an ugly miniature alien monster.  Seriously.  The damn thing looks like it will jump to attach itself on your face, crawl up your nose and lodge itself into your brain. Bam -- you're now officially an alien slave.

Fortunately, the Rolly only looks like a micro-sized creature from outer space -- it's not really alive.  Instead, it's just a small pill-sized disc with multiple bristles that you're supposed to roll around your mouth using your tongue.  When done right, the tiny spikes will pick and poke into the various nooks and crannies of your teeth, digging out all the leftover food lodged in them.

Aside from cleaning your teeth out, it's also designed to gently massage your gums to keep it pink and healthy.  Plus, they throw in a dose of Xylitol and Flouride in each chewable to help fight plaque and strengthen tooth enamel like regular toothpaste.

While not designed to replace regular brushing entirely, the Rolly should make for a nice emergency alternative when a toothbrush, some toothpaste and a clean sink just aren't readily in your sights.  It's sold in sets of six, priced at $4.89.

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