Salt + Magic Shakers Dispense Your Seasonings From A Magical Wand

Seasoning is like magic.  A little salt and that bland soup suddenly gets tolerable.  Wave some pepper on that stale pizza and it gets hella tasty.  That’s why these Salt + Magic Shakers are perfect for the job.

Made by Fred & Friends, these novelty shakers come dressed like whimsical magic wands.  You know, the kind fairy godmothers will be wielding in the illustrated part of fairy tale books and stuff.

The Salt + Magic Shakers comes in sets of two: one black and one white.  Black for the pepper and white for the salt.  For fun, we suggest switching them up without telling anyone (heck, maybe even replace the salt with sugar or something) and watching the ensuing disaster in the dining table.  It’s entertaining.

Both feature a long rod-like  handle and a star on top, with a hole right in the middle for dispensing your fine taste enhancers.  The seasonings are kept inside the stars, which you can unscrew from the handle for refilling.  Construction is food-grade, high-strength ABS plastic.

As a bonus, you can totally have your kids use these Salt + Magic Shakers as prop for their Halloween fairy costume.  They’re available from Amazon, priced at $19.99 a pair.

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