Scratch N Sniff Jeans Unleash Raspberry Scents When Scratched

While the premium jeans market of the last few years have given rise to some too-expensive-to-justify close-fitting trousers, you can’t deny the creativity they occasionally bring to the erstwhile self-same jeans market (like Denim Design Lab’s Make Your Own Jeans Kit).  Another case in point: the Weird Guy Scratch n Sniff jeans.  Yep, you scratch the denim and it releases a scent.

Naked & Famous’ latest twist probably isn’t the most useful novelty feature we’ve seen, but it certainly is different.  Plus, we’re pretty sure no one will mind being able to make a room smell better discreetly after polluting it just as discreetly — simply scratch your leg to cover up that foul gas stewing in the elevator.  Ooops, too late, they’re already looking at you.

As with the Canadian outfit’s other products, the Weird Guy Scratch n Sniff is made from raw Japanese selvedge denim.  Cut is low-rise with a tapered leg.  The unique scent comes from raspberry perfume, which is first coated on the denim and later baked onto the fabric.  When scratched, the perfume’s “micro-scent capsules” are broken, releasing the scent into the air immediately around you.

We’re not sure how long the scent will stick, but I expect those “capsules” will hold fast even after machine washing.  Now, if only they can come up with a pair scented like barbecue ribs dripping in thick bourbon sauce with a coat of chili, my closet will be complete.

The Naked & Famous Weird Guy Scratch n Sniff jeans is listed for sale at Colette link below, priced at €150.