Seiko G757 Sports 100 James Bond Watch

All the old Bond films came with a plethora of gadgets that were truly cutting-edge back in the day.   If you’ve been hoping to get your dirty paws on one of them, here’s your chance.  Several original units of the Seiko G757 Sports 100 Watch, which was modified to track a transmitter in the 1983 film Octopussy, are currently available and are yours for the taking (if you can afford the ransom they’re asking for it).

Sporting 80s-style digital aesthetics (these things used to be watches to die for), the G757 Sports 100 pieces on sale are exactly as they appear on the film, save for the beeping transmitter signal.  Of course, if you’re buying one as a film collectible, make sure you’re paying for a number that’s 100% similar to the one in the movie .  After all, there have been three or four versions of the Seiko G757, all rocking the same face with different case detailings and straps.

Cranking the Casio-style form factor so popular in the 80s, the Sports 100 comes with a bevy of digital features designed for active folks.  Of course, donning one now probably isn’t as cool as back then – who cares, though, right?

Bondtoys currently has the SeikoG757 Sports 100 watch on sale for €769, with supposedly-working , good-condition units.   Alternatively, you can just ditch your mental image of the old Bond for the new muscle-bound variant.  Instead of gadgetry, simply beat up people with your big, scary biceps.

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