Practice Basketball Shots All By Yourself Without Running After The Ball

Staying an extra two hours in the gym to practice your jump shots is admirable.  What’s even more admirable?  When you can convince one of your teammates to do the rounds with you.  Chances are you can’t, so you’ll have to run after all them loose balls after you fire a shot all by yourself.  The SKLZ Shoot Around basketball return system should make shooting practice just a little easier.

A hoop extension, this contraption adds an elbow-shaped chute to the net that you can adjust to face any side of the court.  That way, you can angle the chute so the ball goes straight back to where you’re standing whether you’re draining threes or taking jumpers from the top of the key.

The SKLZ Shoot Around is a 180-degree ball return attachment that hooks onto the rim and extends the bottom of the net.  Sporting an easily adjustable design, you can move it to face any side of the court without having to remove the hooks from the rim.  Granted, you’ll still have to run after bricks, but every shot you make get scooped right back to you.  Think of it as an incentive to nail every throw.

If you’d rather spend solo practice actually working on your skills rather than chasing after the ball, we can’t imagine a more useful contraption than the SKLZ Shoot Around.  We’re not sure if it can work with your Giant Basketball Chair, since that ring is kind of like a child’s toy and stuff.  This cool gift for basketball lovers or your kids is available at Amazon for $39.